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I was a volunteer at a non-profit that fed the homeless in Washington DC a few years back. It was in the colder months, and we served breakfast where I manned the drinks: coffee, tea, tang and other nondescript unhealthy stuff. We set it all up for people to come in and grab their beverage of choice and "flavor" it to their liking with sugar and fake dairy. The sugar dispensers were the glass containers with the silver tops that you see in diners with the big hole on the top. I was amazed at how much sugar people used. Not just one or two people, but all poured massive quantities of sugar in their coffees and teas and some added it to tang. Someone mentioned that they needed to fuel up to stay warm. This was favored over the fake scrambled eggs and other questionable "food" that was served. While that was popular, the line for the beverages was long and constant with multiple returns for more. Sad, but a reality.
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