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Regarding the obesity level and income, I see this all the time. There is a weekly free dinner at a local church and I have perused the occupents and the majority BY FAR is obese, then extremely thin, only a few lean and trim or slightly overweight.

The meal starts with butter and white bread, a decent meal, and finishes with a p astry or cake.

When I am at the food banks, the food is canned or a grain product. Lots of breads and pasta. Meats and frozen vegies are less than 10% of the options. rarely fresh vegies.

They think they are being wonderful when offering a bag of donuts, or bagels.

When I go with a friend, she picks out all the overprocessed foods and sodas. When I point out the soda she picked up, or buys en-route, she says' Im hungry' I havent eatedn today. " Geez...... fasting!! would work wonders for her. She cannot hear me when I preach the good foods. Ya, I have had to step back-- she is not ready for the "ah-ha" moment.
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