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Default Accountability - Krys' gym log.

Ok. Time to start this. Now that surgery is out of the way and I'm cleared for action, I'm starting a workout log. I'll start from last Friday, which was when I was cleared for activity again.

Saturday 9/4 - c25k w3d3, w4d1.

Monday 9/6 - c25k w4d2

Wednesday 9/8 - c25k w4d3

Thursday 9/9 - Sprints. Sprint straight sides of the 1/4 mile track (roughly 100 yards), power walk the curves. Did this for 2 miles and was totally gassed.

I plan to repeat c25k week 4. I found if very difficult, and I need to do it again. If I move on, I know I will find it too difficult and stop doing it. If it takes me 6 months to get there, that's fine. However long it takes. I need to condition my body to do something it doesn't do well. I'm ok with it taking however long it needs to. I figure that the sprints mixed in will help. Maybe I'm wrong in that thinking. Whatever it takes!

I'm going to try to incorporate some weights in next week - have to go pick up another 10lb one. I've got a set of 5s, but I don't know where the other 10 went I'm also going to try and find a Zumba DVD and see how I like doing that. I might even work the eliptical back into rotation. I've been on the fence about getting rid of it. It's just tooooo boring! We'll see.
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