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No knowing the amount of weight you want/need to lose, it is difficult to determine if you are doing OK. Post your particulars eg gender, age, height, current weight, desired weight. Also typical meals, water intake, and anything else your are consuming eg alcohol, vitamins, drugs.

A reasonable amount at the start (first 2-6 weeks) is 10% of your weight to loss. For 100 lb, 10 lbs. Generally this is considered your water loss -- actually more correctly you are burning through your glycogen reserve and its associated water. Glycogen is typically stored in your muscles. So, depending on how muscular you are, you may lose more or less.

Then you rate will slow. Healthy weight loss is 1-2% of your total body weight per week. Most people lose less than that. For me, at 225, I am losing 1 lb or so a week or 0.5%. That means 100 lbs is likely to take a little less than 2 years !! I am down 42 lb after 5.5 months.

And on top of that you will have up weeks, and even weeks and stalls (extended periods with no weight loss ). This is your body reacting to many things including your dieting.

Males tend to lose fairly evenly. Women tend to jump around.

Many people encourage taking body measurements. They are a better indicator of body changes. Your measurement may change even when the scales are not. The scale is of course simpler to do.

You are in a long journey. Think long term. Be persistent. Be patient.

Good luck.
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