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Default Nick Norwitz study and personal story

Like Dr Michael Eades who recently learned of Dr. Nick Norwitz, I have also seen him on low carb twitter, websites and now a YouTube of his personal story, Food as Medicine, and his analysis of a small LC study.

Personal story:

Low-Carb Diet Reverses Metabolic Syndrome, Independent of Weight Loss
Study Insight

A podcast with more info from LCUSA.

Podcast Episode 65 with Nick Norwitz - Earlier this week, we shared an amazing podcast interview with Nick Norwitz, PhD, who has used the ketogenic diet to reverse the effects of his colitis and osteoporosis. Nick also talked about his involvement in the new Society of Metabolic Practitioners (SMHP), his new YouTube testimonial video, his book, medical school, and much more.

Nick Norwitz Finds Keto, Solves Severe Colitis, Becomes an Advocate: Ep 65
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