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Originally Posted by wbahn
Sadly, most people in most fields are not really that well educated, but rather are, at best, well-trained. They are taught a bunch of "facts" that they simply accept at face value and that they then regurgitate for the rest of their career. This is as true for doctors, lawyers, and engineers as it is for nutritionists, economists, and psychiatrists. Depressingly few people in any field are taught to truly understand and think and critique what they are being taught

I remember back in Grammar school, in the 60s, being told that whereas one could get a good grade at "O" level (usually sat at 16) by rote learning and regurgitation of facts, in order to do well at "A" level (usually sat at 18), one would have to demonstrate the ability to critique and show original thought. Nowadays it seems to me that even at University students are only rewarded for parroting what lecturers and textbooks tell them with thought only required at PhD and beyond (and even then, still safer to support the orthodox line).
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