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Too much sugar is unhealthy that we know, but its not just down to the many calories.

Has anyone else noticed that this is a new trend? Forty years ago, we were told that sugar had less than half the calories of fat, so it was ok.
Overall, the participants did not consume more calories than before the study, as the sugary drink increased satiety and they therefore reduced their calorie intake from other sources.

I've never felt satiation from sugary anything - just the desire for more, more, more sugar. Sugary drinks were the worst - spike the blood sugar, causing a blood sugar crash, and the fluid doesn't last long enough in the stomach to make you feel full more than a few minutes.
Particularly surprising was that the sugar we most commonly consume, sucrose, boosted fat synthesis slightly more than the same amount of fructose. Until now, it was thought that fructose was most likely to cause such changes.

I wonder how long it will be before they stop to think about the fact that starches (including those in hearthealthywholegrains) convert to glucose even faster than sugar?
the World Health Organization recommends limiting daily sugar consumption to around 50 grams or, even better, 25 grams.

I hope this is a step along the way to realizing that simply cutting out added sugars doesn't help all that much in those who are already dealing with metabolic issues.

If you cut the added sugars way back, and there's still a problem, maybe they'll see that the naturally occurring sugars need to be cut back as well.
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