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Default Diana Rodgers and Rob Wolf: The Corporatization of Food

Sustainable Dish - Diana Rodgers

I have pretty big news – The Joe Rogan podcast released yesterday featured me and Robb Wolf talking about anti-meat bias in the media, science, and policy. We talked about the politicization of the meat debate, “carbon tunnel vision” when it comes to fake meat claims against beef, and why so much of the dialogue around nutrition and sustainability is not actually rooted in logic, but instead is coming from emotion.

I know some of you likely have issues with the recent controversy surrounding Rogan and I invite you to both read the statement on the homepage of my website and also to listen to the entire 3-hour podcast.

Despite Joe Rogan’s mistakes, the fact is my work has been silenced from mainstream media like ~nytimes ~npr and ~netflix I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get the word out to the tens of millions of people who listen to Rogan’s podcast. about the real science behind meat and the importance of livestock to our food system.

I look forward to continuing getting the message out about how meat can help us build a future where food keeps us and our environment healthy, instead of making us sick.

The Corporatization of Food
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