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Hi, Billy. I like your plan of having LC foods on hand. Here is my two cents.

As others have said, LC foods, real foods, are self-limiting. (How many hard-boiled eggs, for example.)

To quote someone else: if you could eat a steak, it is real hunger. Eat the steak. Even with butter and salt/pepper. If you find you want to eat LC treats and nuts and this and that, and you wouldn't want a steak, then ask yourself what it is in life you really want. Those here-&-there things might be a substitute for something we want from life.

I find it helps to choose something to put myself into, studying metabolism, for example. Or helping someone. Or doing things by hand, no electrical tools. I find that very satisfying, therapeutic.

Something else that helps me is to get the Pro:Fat:Carb ratios just right at every meal. For me, that is approx: 15% Pro, 8% Carbs, and 78% Fat.

Dr. Mackarness said it helps satiety to have that on every forkful.

As to foods to eat when you can't not eat:
Meat (including fish, birds, eggs), Fat. Salt. Water. I add marinated vegs.
The other things I eat are for variety and taste.

Finding the just-right-amounts for P:F:C and what foods fit the best takes a lot of experimenting.

I find grass-fed meat and dairy much more satisfying and satiating. It also does not give me problems. Factory-farm, grain-fed, processed food gives me health problems and triggers false appetite.

I know some who've gone to raw beef, and they say it is the most satiating and satisfying.

Steak tartare, carpaccio.

I like veal as it is not aged. Others prefer aged beef.

We have to keep looking, experimenting until we find what fits us the best.

If you fall off, "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again".

Low Carb for life.
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