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Originally Posted by Sissy914
Buying groceries and facing the critiques of the cashier on what I've chosen. This happens in at least two of the stores near my home.

For example, on one trip to the store, there was a very athletic young lady in workout clothes in front of me, and she had high-carb snacks, pasta, etc, all the things that I used to eat, and the cashier said nothing to her. Just rang up her items, handed her the receipt and wished her a nice day. A perfectly normal transaction.

Then she began my order. My order contained mostly low-carb items, but I have a husband who is underweight due to health concerns and still eats carb-heavy foods. After she scanned each item, she'd study the item, check it's nutritional facts, and then declare either "This is a good item. It's healthy" or "Hmm..." followed by a sigh and her shaking her head to let me now that it wasn't healthy in her eyes.

I once had a waiter take my family's breakfast orders at a little diner nearby, and he didn't say a thing to my son and husband about their orders, but when I ordered a meal from the healthy portions section of the menu, he literally bent over to my eye level and put his hand on my shoulder and said, "There you go. Now that's a VERY healthy food choice you made. I'm proud of you." as if he were talking to a little child. I slowly turned and looked over at my husband, speechless.

I just can't stand the judgement from others who have no right to judge.

One time I was at a breakfast restaurant with some friends and I asked what Hollandaise sauce was (because I had never had it before) and the waitress, an old grandma type, told me it was very fattening and I did not want it.
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