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Default Dr. Georgia Ede - 'Our Descent into Madness" video on diet and mental health

This is an extraordinary video by Dr. Ede from last year's Breckenridge Conference. (Can't find a transcript, sorry, but there are places to download the PowerPoint slides as a PDF.)

She makes such clear connections between mental health and what we eat. Like her, I found the less vegetables and more animal foods I ate, the better my brain would work.

And as I have painfully learned, when your brain doesn't work, nothing works!

Summed up in Six reasons to go paleo for mental health

A comment led me to this article:

Bread Madness Schizophrenia or Gluten Sensitivity?

and many other sources which refer to this strong connection between gluten and certain kinds of mental illness.

I also know how much my eating disorder was fueled by those sugar highs followed by crash/burn/depression.

It only makes sense, and it's true to my own experience. Adding therapeutic niacin works like nothing else for my anxiety and PTSD.

Nutrition IS the key.
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