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Just out of curiosity, if you're doing Atkins, why are you trying to keep your fat intake down? Purely curious.

I've had post-ephedra heart issues, too. It's no fun. You really need to watch your ticker. Working out for two hours a day is... worrisome.

Have you considered less drastic eating programs like Protein Power or Schwarzbein? They're way easier to stick to, so the scale isn't bouncing around all the time. "Plateaus" happen to people who still have a lot of weight to lose. Once you're within your ideal weight range (for HEALTH, not for looking like Kate Moss) a "plateau" pretty much means your body is at its optimum weight. It sucks, but 'where you want to be' and 'where your body is healthy' are often two different things.

I vote "thumbs down" on most low carb products. Eat real food.

Anyway, stick around, we're glad to have you! Low-carbing is a good, long-term, healthy way of eating.

Be well...
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