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I've found the same thing, keto to celebrities and to the health conscious who take time to comb through the utter BS that masquerades as nutritional information, is one thing, but to most it isn't well understood. It's even not understood well by those well-known nutrition advocates who tout Bulletproof coffee, eating sticks of butter, fat bombs and the like. I'm inclined to place keto into the category of dietary terms like The Mediterranean Diet and Plant-based Diet. Based on the names being so broad, it's easy to say anything is part of these diets and be correct. That doesn't mean they are healthy, and I strongly believe the "Ketogenic Diet" is a candidate for abuse as well. For example, in most cases when keto is described, it's described as a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. I guess that would be true, but one can be "ketogenic" by starting from a low carb approach and eating moderate fat and high protein. One can still be producing endogenous ketones by eating with a lower fat approach. I believe the high fat had its roots in the keto diet for children with epilepsy and other health issues. It's claimed that emphasizing healthy fats improves satiety, but I get more satiated from higher amounts of protein. Just my 2 cents/ pence on the topic.
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