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On another Fasting thread, I wrote about Marty's new Data Driven Fasting to fast based on your own personal hunger "trigger" or fuel gauge.

After not even having a BG meter for about two years, I have been testing many times a day. Once I cleaned up my diet, my BG readings are basically flatlining. So Marty's newest post is written for me..maybe others.

Want to lose fat? DON’T aim for stable blood sugars! (Why your CGM could be making you fat)

If there was anything I thought I knew when I was an insulin-fearing keto zealot, it was:

the blood sugar roller coaster is bad, and
stable blood sugars were good.

According to the keto gurus that I was following, if you wanted to lose fat and optimise your metabolic health, the most important thing you could do was to eat fewer carbs to achieve flatline blood sugars to “turn off insulin”.


But what if I’m insulin resistant?
Many people have developed a victim mentality (I was one of them).

They blame their obesity on their insulin resistance.

They think being insulin resistant makes it harder for them to lose weight.

But, the reverse is actually true.

When you are lean and insulin sensitive, your body is only too willing to store energy and grow. However, once you become insulin resistant, your body is only too willing to offload the excess energy as soon as you stop jamming in excess energy from low satiety nutrient-poor processed foods.
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