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You're right. The HIIT is a bit strenuous for me at this point, at least on the treadmill. I might be able to do it on the bike and elliptical, though. I'm very careful not to overdo it with my knees.

Back in the 90s, I used to love Charlene Prickett. I was heavy into step aerobics at the time. She had a good weight training workout video, too. My VHS player isn't working so well these days, or maybe it's the tapes themselves that have deteriorated over time. I, too, have a bunch of tapes (remember Callentics?) and DVDs, but don't really like them.

I like the structure of the BFL weight training. I've tried slow burn, but didn't like it. Without a spotter, I'm really hesitant to work a muscle to failure. I also think it's hard to stay in proper form when lifting too heavy a weight.

We LOVE our Bowflex. I got it off eBay for about $900 maybe 10 years ago. Trouble is, hubby likes to keep the bendy bars engaged and then leave for a week. If I'm not working out and don't see it, the bars conform to that shape and then offer no resistance until they get to that point. Make sense? We're to the point where we really have to replace them. So hard to remove, though. They bars slip down into holes, and then there's a huge screw holding each in place. Almost impossible to unscrew them. Hubby said he'd have to move it out from the wall, get on his back, and then see what he could do. Maybe today I'll price the bars to see how much it would be to replace them.
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