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Originally Posted by nikotyme
Is there a way I can link My Plan in my journal, I'd like someone to check it out to tell me if my fat and protein levels are too high, I didn't think so at first but another poster said fats shouldn't be above 70-75%, protein 20%....I exceed those numbers by far on induction alone, maybe I'm not doing it right?

First of all, there is no problem with those numbers. Fats are fine at 75% or more. And protein is fine to be 30% of your calories. Both protein and fats have no maximum level.

If you like you can add each day's MyPLAN to your journal by clicking "Export to journal" on the Daily Entry page. Or, you can go to Edit settings (on the left) where you'll see privacy options. There you can change "No one may view my logs" to "Other forum members may see my logs." That will give you a little "MyPLAN" icon under every post which can be clicked by other members to see how you are doing.

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