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never2late, my apology in advance if I am misunderstanding your comments about "hard core" atkins people. This is an Atkins page, so I do expect the majority of advice and help I receive or try to give here is based on Dr. Atkins plan. There is nothing wrong with taking in 40 carbs on Atkins if someone has transitioned from induction (which only has to last for 2 weeks) and added back in more carbs from veggies and fruit. The main point I saw from the responses is that this just seems to be a marketing ploy to sell lots of processed packaged products versus eating more whole foods. Everyone is different and different plans work better for some than others. My husband never had to do a true induction - he could just stop eating bread and sugar and drop weight. I on the other hand needed a well defined program to follow with real whole foods as the main ingredients. I also eat bars sometimes, they just can't be the basis for my woe. If you enjoy arguing, there is a war zone area or here is a general low carb area that encompasses a variety of approaches. I just don't understand being negative to those following Dr. Atkins plan on the Atkins page. Best to you on your weight loss journey.
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