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Originally Posted by talervo
Read her second book because that explains a lot more of the chemical processes and also talks about why she doesn't want you to go into ketosis. I don't remember off the top of my head why she says she doesn't want you to. It has to do with the major hormones, I think.

Thank you, I have started reading Schwarzbein II last evening. You are probably referring to cortisol, but I will find out as I read on.

This morning I felt a bit brave, as my weighscale "smiled" at me. And so I opened a tincan of salmon, mixed it with some mayonaise, cut a few slices of cucumber and put everything on one (1) piece of whole-grain cracker which - according to the package - contains 4 carbs per slice.

I suppose - with Schwarzbein - there is only one way of finding out if you can manage this kind of food, correct? By eating it, and seeing if 2 hours later you get a craving. I have some almonds and a sausage within reach if I should happen to crave for food.

I am not sure if there is any other brand than Quaker for oatmeal where I live. I will keep an eye out though. Perhaps I find something better. If not, then, well, I will be testing every kind of food anyway to see how my body reacts. It's what I have been doing with Atkins these past few weeks as well. Only with Atkins, you complimentary have the ketostick. It does make things a bit easier.
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