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Originally Posted by Pilili
Hello there,

I have started reading the "Schwarzbein Principle" books and what I read sounds sensible. I am at the moment doing Atkins diet, but I consider - when I reach my maintenance phase - to switch to Schwarzbein (perhaps even earlier).

One thing baffles me though: the use of oatmeal. I haven't finished reading yet, I admit. Schwarzbein tells us not to eat damaged foods, but I cannot help but feel that oatmeal should logically be damaged. When you see what is done to the oat to make oatmeal out of it. It's boiled, and flattened and crushed and bent, and boiled again, and so on.

How can oatmeal be good if it has been tampered with so much?

Thanks for any info

Hi Pi...

I think what has been done to oatmeal is piffling compared to the unbelievable amount of processing that other so-called "foods" go through. Most of what you describe is mechanical. Even those healthy oils, even the ones called "cold-pressed" such as olive oil and coconut oil, have also been subject to heat and pressure in processing: there is no extra heat involved in the processing, but the pressure applied to the olives/coconuts provides heat.

I sometimes make myself porridge in the mornings and find it very filling and satisfying. It has relatively few carbs compared to the other carby things I sometimes have for my "first" breakfast, so I have been wondering about having it more often.

Processing a food doesn't necessarily make it less healthy: it depends what kind of processing is done.

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