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Originally Posted by Bobi-p
Rosebud...I have my Journal option to be private, "No one can read", I still have the Journal icon under my posts. I really don't use the journal anymore so it is kind of misleading. Must be one of the "bugs", it being a Beta. Must be the only one though, I think the site is great and recommend it highly. In fact, I got banned from a Forum for doing so!!!!

Your journal is a completely different thing to your MyPLAN.

It is not possible to have your journal set so that no one else can read, only your MyPLAN information. If you don't wish other members to read your journal, you are best to keep one offline. If you no longer wish to have a journal, simply click on the report post icon and ask for it to be removed. If you wish to resume journalling at any time, it can be restored for you.

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