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So, for the first time I will contribute: I find the most telling part of this article was:
"The low-fat. By a lot: nearly 700 calories per day. This, despite the fact that insulin levels on the low-fat diet were, Hall told me, “through the roof.” Insulin, among other things is a FAT STORAGE HORMONE. Having a higher insulin will result in higher body fat.
The fact that those on a plant based diet consumed 700 less calories says more about the palatability of the diet, not the effectiveness of satiety of the diet.
Given the extremely short duration of the diets (2 weeks each) there are NO conclusions that can be made on the effectiveness of said diet. 2 weeks is not even enough time for the body to properly adjust to a diet. Studies have shown for athletes, it can take 6 months to fully adapt to a diet change.
So in the end, another worthless study to push a presupposition, a bias and can likely lead to poorer health overall.
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