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When my body eats carbs it eats more and more and more carbs. And the scale goes up up up. Frustrating to read that these participants eating a high carb diet actually ate less calories. Makes me wonder where the participants where along the diabetes path as doctor Atkins describes 5 steps, of which only number 5 is clinically diabetes.

Only low carb works for me. And yes, we here on the forum know that eating lots of fat keeps us fat. Fat content of diet also needs to drop to move body fat.

But this experiment pitted fat against carbs, and non - processed carbs at that.

I know this mornings scale didn't budge do to eating fatty oxtails all yesterday's meals. Eating leaner meats today will move the scale.

Would like to know if the low fat group lost muscle as well as fat.....muscle loss in either group not mentioned. Was all weight loss only fat, or was it fluids or muscle?
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