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Originally Posted by ElisaB
A High-Carbohydrate Diet With Added Sugars Doubles Your Risk of Breast Cancer, Says New Research

Again, it all comes back to the right choice for sweeteners, and that choice is stevia.

The bottom line is that the research is now showing sugar to be correlated with breast cancer. This is certainly no surprise to holistic nutritionists and those who have followed wellness and health for some time. It may be news to researchers and physicians, but that's only because they tend to remain ignorant about the nutritional relationships between foods and health.

This is a bit off the carbs/breast cancer topic. Sorry, I thought it deserved a comment. For the record I'm in the 'carbs are implicated in all cancers, not just of the breast' camp.

Anyway, I'm still not convinced that stevia is as safe as sucralose. Sure it's natural, but so is aflatoxin. Comfrey is a perfect example of a natural supplement that has been used traditionally for probably as long as stevia and it is only recently that it has been recognized as a potent carcinogen. And stevia's insulin spiking effect gives me the willies. I have read a lot of anecdotal stuff about mood side effects from sucralose, so maybe some people are sensitive to it. I've eaten it liberally for over two years and I think if I was any healthier or happier I'd be dangerous. But who knows, maybe that's just down to ditching the carbs . Of course even Stevia is streets ahead of any carbohydrate containing sweetener, so I'd be the first to keep things in perspective. But I can't stand even the taste of stevia, wether or not it is safe. And I did try to get to like it! I was saved when I learnt of it's insulin dark side
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