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Breast, ovarian and prostate cancer are closely linked to sugar intake and insulin levels. A Canadian study from 2002, Fasting Insulin and Outcome in Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Results of a Prospective Cohort Study, showed that women with breast cancer who had higher fasting insulin levels had poorer outcomes and lowered survival than those with lower insulin levels. This included increased likelihood of the cancer re-occuring. That's because insulin exerts some growth hormone-like effects and can stimulate proliferation of hormone-sensitive cancer cells.

Some other articles of interest about low-carb, high-fat diet and breast cancer:
previous lowcarber forum discussion about breast cancer and lowcarb

The Skinny on Fats & Breast Cancer by Stephen Byrnes, PhD, N.D.

Three Case Histories from Weston A. Price foundation, where the women improved their cancer survival odds and over-all health by eating a natural diet with plenty of animal fats.


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