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Corn isn't fortified with folate and other nutrients as are many grains, cereals and other sources of carbohydrates eaten in the United States, and those nutrients might help prevent cancer, noted Sandra Schlicker, executive director of the American Society for Clinical Nutrition.

I particularly loved this little comment from one of the 'experts' who recommends we eat huge amounts of carbs. What she is really saying is that the Mexicans don't fortify the carbage they eat with folate and other vitamins like we do, so our carbage is OK to eat. Well, honey, I got news for you. It's still carbage.

I think we will be seeing more and more studies like this. The blinders are off for many scientists, especially those who have not already bet their prestige on the low fat nonsense. And it is now 'safe' for them to publish their results. A few years ago we would never have seen a study like this.
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