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Actually, your temperature varies by over a degree at different times of the day. It takes a fair bit of energy to keep your body even half a degree hotter then normal. You might not even feel it as your body can cope with this via the sweat function (which you only notice in the extreme).

I always get warn and even sweat when I eat my cheese for breakfast, especially after a workout.

On another note, I have often wondered why they are so upset about a calorie is just a calorie crap. It is obvious that our bodies are a machine. Thermodynamics is only concerned with the total energy being conserved. Everyone knows that certain engines burn fuel more efficiently. Everyone knows that some machines produce more waste energy then others. Why do nutritionists have such a difficult time with the concept that our bodies run less efficiently on protein, therefore we burn more fat and protein to do the same thing then if we ate carbs, an efficient fuel.

I am often amazed at just how stupid many scientists can be.... (and nutritionists.. LOL)

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