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Yes, we all pay for the sins of others in our insurance.

Perhaps if a company decided to sell insurance to people who were not overweight at a discount, that could be a business model.

There are some things a government should control, our personal Liberties are not among them. Look what happened with alcohol prohibition. The US had no organized crime in this country until they made drinking booze illegal.

Sure eating sugar is dangerous and can cause the public to pay for the sugar-eater's medical bills.

But what about sports? Football, soccer, wrestling, boxing and others cause brain damage that shows up as dementia in old age. A person who plays football or soccer in high school has a 25% greater odds of getting Alzheimer's or Parkinson's in old age than someone who doesn't according to the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Should we tax balls? Ban sports?

The sound levels at stadiums, aerobics classes, movie theaters, rock concerts, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and even many people's home TV sets are loud enough to cause slow hearing damage, much like sugar/insulin causes slow bodily damage. Should we go around with sound level meters and arrest anyone making noise over 85db? That's worse because unlike sugar, you aren't just harming yourself, but like second-hand smoke, second-hand noise harms others.

Hang gliding? Parachute jumping? Rock climbing? Using power tools? Driving on most highways? Motorcycle riding? Swimming in the ocean? I can think of thousands more unsafe things that cause the insurance costs to go up.

Who has the right to say one dangerous thing should be illegal or taxed while others should not? I personally don't want to give that control to the government. Think Orwell's "1984"

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