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Hi ladies. Leaving for home in the morning. Had a wonderful trip. It was alot of firsts for me. When I started on my weight loss journey march of last year I weighed 380 pounds. I was bigger at one point. My highest was 425. I could not walk more than a block without gasping for air and losing my breath. Taking flights used to be an ordeal. I was so big the airlines would give extra seat because I couldn't fit in a seat. If I took public transportation I always took more than one seat there as well. This trip yesterday I walked over 5 miles. Today I did over seven and climbed all of the stairs up and down the Lincoln memorial. We took the train into Washington DC as we are staying in a hotel in Arlington va. I had plenty of room in my single seat and my honey had no issues sitting next to me. I am now even able to do simple things like cross my legs. I am able to enjoy camping and hiking and being outdoors. Things I could never do before because of my size. I really am great ful for the new chance at life weight loss has given me.
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