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Masi are VERY tall people. Also there can va advantages to small stature. Otherwise stature in males is decided by when testosterone kicks in. Testosterone causes growth plates to close. In horse racing, plates must be closed before a 2 yr old can race. I have one boy that was shaving at his 12th birthday and his full brother has nothing yet to shave at 16. Which do u think is taller?

We have a large population of native south americans in our nearby city. The women are short, straight sided meaning less decernable waist. Swedes on the other hand are taller, heavier built, and often red head or blonde. I figure native people develop adaptations over hundreds of generations .

In domestic animals like sheep, the young ewes are ready when the reach a specific percentage of adult body weight. In humans it seems to be a similar situation, though studies also indicate percent body fat plays a role in puberty.
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