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One thing hunter-gatherer populations have in common is a very high level of physical activity. Many walk between five and 10 miles a day. Yet paradoxically they do not have higher energy expenditure levels than the average American office worker. That suggests that health authorities should consider recommending exercise primarily as a way to improve metabolic health, but not necessarily as a calorie-burning antidote to obesity, the authors said.
This concept fascinated me when it was first discovered, that there is a cap on how many calories your body will burn and you can't just move more, more, more to burn off way more calories from the body's energy reserves. It's not stupid. It thinks you'll die if it doesn't keep things under control, so if you exercise more the body cuts back someplace else. And then that someplace else that gets its energy budget cut could be something you really need, like your immune system. So much for move more eat less. So yes, exercise reasonably for health, not excessively hoping for weight loss.
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