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Thanks for this subject.

Since I'm in this for the l-o-n-g haul and am in maintenance
consider at my age this is Therapeutic Keto:

Finding out WHY is important for me so I started writing "off" on my electronic calendar when I felt I ate too many carbs in a day. My off days are cyclical, usually at the same time every month. We all know this is about hormones, but rarely consider the sex hormone slant.

If I'm in ketosis, totally on plan and the Wham! get hit with cravings once a month, what am I supposed to think that's about? (Don't forget that I'm post post menopausal.)

My cravings are the usual suspects:
Salty / crunchy
Sweet / creamy

So I've now got it narrowed down, timewise, so my electronic calendar now has *******Watch Out!********* on it once a month. My next step is to develop salty / crunchy on-plan foods for the days leading up to that date. I already have the sweet / creamy foods covered.

This is my new strategy for dealing with my body cravings. Now I just have to recruit my brain.
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