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Boy, they sure make dealing with cravings sound easy. If only it was that easy. NOT in my experience. Generally speaking, the more my diet is LC the easier. Easier, NOT easy. If I dont keep up on managing ADD, all is lost.

THis struck me as totally off base, showing a lack of understand of cravings.
"The upside of craving is that it is a conditioned response that you can unlearn," said John Apolzan, PhD, director of Pennington Biomedical's Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory. "It's not easy, but it can be done."

Clearly someone who has NEVER been pregnant. When a craving hit me during pregnancy it was for Doritos and a diet coke. A two stop shopping for DH usually about 11 pm. Doritios is a favorite but it was something that was normally YEARS between a large bag, and the same for that diet coke. Don't see this craving as fitting a conditioned response.

Today, food thoughts flit thru my head, more if off plan, far better if on plan. Sometimes a stressful situation will cause a craving for a comfort food. THAT would be a conditioned response, ( or is it?) to reach for a sweet. It is a physiological compulsion to up the serotonin level to find serenity again..... is that really a conditioned response?

Met a man who was working hard at giving up cigarettes. Found he had to give up coffee too as he always had a coffee and a cigarette together. Smart man to realize this and give up both just to give up the cigarettes. THIS IMO is conditioned response.

When I took out a glass and filled it with milk, I struggled to fill the glass only half full. I grew up in a house where we had ONE full glass of milk with dinner. Had to take our share or else what remained in the container would be divi'd up among those that wanted seconds. Thousands of meals later this was ingrained. Just like using a large plate and filling it. To make changes 15 years into my adult years, changing to a smaller plate was the answer. I was conditioned to fill the plate, so choice a smaller plate. Filling my glass half full was a struggle and took years of practise to m ake half full be normal, and I mean the internal feeling of this feels right and ok. ( of course milk is a thing of the past) A full glass of water or diet drink is ok; but happlily, I can also pour just a couple fingers of kombucha and not feel deprived. Ya, THAT is conditioning.
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