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Hello girls, you both are doing fantastic! We moved in to out new house last Thursday and we are half way unpacked. Today was supposed to be day 1 of SBD but still had lots of leftovers from the weekend so I had that for dinner (rice, tomatoes, fish and corn)

I am planning on food prepping some veggies for the week and I also have lean grass feed ground that I might cook to eat with salads. I was going to weigh in today and see how much weight I have gained, but I haven't unpack the scale.

Janet, I love chia seeds. I usually put it in my morning smoothies or when I make overnight oats, but I have never made chia puddin. How do you make it?

Maral, that is a lot of money for a squash I love zoodles and spaghetti squash. I either use the Classico tomato and basil sauce (doesn't have added sugars) or make a my own sauce.
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