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Default Magic Spoon cereal

I am living the dream!

The downside is the price. It's twice what we'd pay for a somewhat larger, name-brand box of cereal. This is especially shocking if we grew up, as I did, mostly eating from those big bags of cereal stocked near the floor of the grocery store, aka People Chow.

On the considerable other hand: this stuff is delicious.

My own journey has most recently uncovered just what array of foods I can and cannot eat. Almost inevitably, the dirt-cheap foods I was raised on turn out to be forbidden now. Of course, this is more than weight control, even more than the diabetes which runs in my family. I had other factors which resulted in a final desperation move -- evaluating every single food -- from the jump -- to get my autoimmune issues under control.

And I did it! And I'd still rather pay for good food than terrible drugs: for one thing, it not only feels better to manage my condition with food, it's cheaper, too.

Per "meal" I pay about what I was paying for high quality protein bars using whey protein instead of soy, using sweeteners I get along with instead of bad ones. Once I started working it out that way the picture got clearer. I eat considerable hamburger, inexpensive cheese from Aldi's, and the store brand Greek yogurt. Even so, the rice and beans crowd would be shocked, I'm sure. Especially when I spend more for things that help keep me keto.

I'm still sick and while the Pandemic has done me good in many ways, even though it took away my job, I am getting unemployment, and after 20 years of continuous employment, I haven't the slightest bit of anything but gratitude. So the rest helped, but probably was offset by the continual stress

In any case, not having health insurance for a while also hardened my resolve to stick with what works. When I started seeing a personal steak as the same price as a good-sized frozen meal, or how -- when I'm low -- grabbing something easy and quick will keep me on my special eating plan, I began thinking in terms of money/satiety ratio.

That is where this particular keto cereal really shines. For less than what I pay for a protein bar, I get an almost-as-easy meal (I use heavy cream) that is more tasty, and more satiating. A bowl of this stuff (1 cup = $2, per the website) IS a meal. That's amazing. Unlike the Kellogg's kind, I eat my bowl of cereal and happily stop.

I find that by working from their website and using automatic deliveries, I get the lowest possible price. Also, as a new item, there's many discount codes floating around: worth search-engine-ing for.

Magic Spoon keto cereal
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