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For some reason, I always start losing weight when I get into a relationship. The last time I lost a whole bunch of weight this way, it all came back on and more once I broke up with the guy, so I'm hoping I can keep it off once my current boyfriend is gone (not that I don't like him, I'm just being realistic).

I have a male friend who has a crush on me who's said he thinks I should do whatever makes me happy and healthy, but he's sad to see the chub go :P I've actually never had a problem with attracting guys I like due to my weight, I just go for it. Once I got past elementary school (been medically obese since 2 months old), I became one of those obnoxious fat girls that thinks they're hot ;P

I'd like to lose weight to be more attractive for my boyfriend (and also because it'd be cool for him to lift me, since he can't whereas I can lift him just fine), but if he ever told me I needed to, I'd prolly go tell 'im to f*** off. That said, he's a sweetheart and has stated that weight would never be an issue for him.
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