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Originally Posted by Nancy LC
It seems to me like I have another autoimmune disorder going on. Possibly Lupus or Sjogren's. I'm seeing a rheumy to identify that and I am hoping that keeping down immune responses from food intolerances will hold that nonsense at bay..
Nancy, why do you think you might have lupus? You've likely already found these sites, but in case not: and emedicine article on lupus. I did some reading about lupus after I had a positive ANA test a few years back, but apparently that test has a lot of false positives. Plus the symptoms were not a good fit - recurring rash, yes, but not on face or scalp, gastrointestinal issues, but no pain (well, they were a pain, but not the way that counts), etc.

There are so many closely related autoimmune diseases, all having the same general symptoms - it's enough to drive you nuts! I saw in some of your previous posts that you've had gene-testing done. Expensive, but you may be right that it's the only way to get a definitive diagnosis.
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