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Default Other Daily Exercises:

Stationary Bike:

I pedal my ass on a stationary bike everyday, for at least 2 hours every morning during the school week. I pedal even more when I have more time, esp on the weekends when I have nothing better to do... Imma not a TV watcher at all, and rarely do I watch movies etc... I don't like to just sit...

I knit, crochet, do computer stuff and been known to play guitar (if Imma working on a song) whilst I pedal. Here's my setup (I have a different stationary bike these days and I made a bigger platform for my keyboard that's 16" w x 28" l):

If I want or need to do anything on my computer, I have to pedal since I don't have a computer chair!

Imma pedaling around 3 to 3 1/2 mph ~ so Imma not sweating bullets but its a constant motion. I suffer from varicose veins in my legs (more pronounced on the right one) so pedaling, walking and just standing really does help relieve the pain.

Imma not one to sit idle doing absolutely nothing... "idle hands are the devil's workshop"!

As for the varicose veins, it's genetic. My mom (her sisters and mom) and my twin bro suffer from it. None of them ever had a weight problem...

Side Note: Here's a company that makes "active" office equipment much like my stationary bike setup.

I found this whilst reading the SouthWest magazine on the plane traveling to Phnx to visit my DDs: and this one too:

Pretty neat, huh?



I also walk 4 miles every morning, before the butt crack of dawn. And that doesn't include all the steps I do at school, etc.

Yeah, I get up super early (around 2 am) to accomplish all this and Imma tucked in bed NLT 8 pm every evening...

I don't wake to an alarm clock, I let my body decide when it's time to get up. Seems like a more natural way to wake up, KWIM?

Bottom Line:

I am doing EVERYTHING under my CONTROL to remain as healthy as I can

I will have NO regrets later in life wishing I had taken better care of myself since I am doing everything humanly possible to do that now...
Edited to add:

We really do "MAKE" time for the things we want hence the main reason I get up well before the butt crack of dawn! B/c I want to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible...

That's my story and Imma stickin' to it!
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