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Default Crunchy Snack Ideas

The following snack ideas were featured in today's South Beach Online Newsletter:

Crunchy Snack Ideas

If you're accustomed to snacking on chips and pretzels, you probably like some crunch when you munch. Nuts are a delicious go-to choice, but they're not your only crunchy snack option! Here are some other healthy, Phase-specific nibbles to add to your snacking repertoire:

Phase 1

Raw veggies, including celery, green or red peppers, cauliflower and broccoli florets, served with hummus or a South Beach DietŪ-approved dressing

Dill pickles (seek out the no-sugar-added variety and limit your consumption if you're watching sodium intake)
Edamame (boiled soy beans, sold by the bag in the frozen foods section of most supermarkets)
Sunflower seeds (count these toward your daily nut/seed allowance)
Soy nuts

In addition to the above, you may also enjoy the following snacks in
Phases 2 and 3:

Carrot sticks
Whole-wheat crackers
High-fiber, low-sugar, whole-grain cereal
Air-popped or microwaveable popcorn (check the label to be sure it doesn't contain trans fats)
Apple slices
Frozen grapes
Toasted whole-wheat pita bread, sliced into triangles, with hummus
Toasted whole-wheat tortillas or wraps, sliced into triangles, served with salsa or a bean-based dip
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