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Hello once again Glimmergai,
You had several questions, and I do hope you never have to worry much about diabetes. LC is absolutely critical for diabetes management. I have dawn phenomenon issues which make my liver start producing glucose around 3-4 am. There are probably individuals that can give you better advice regarding exercise and how to do it, or certainly counter-advice. However, I believe, especially since you have it, the Total Gym can be a "total package" regarding exercise. When younger, I did the HIT training running hills and lifting heavy weights. I'm also a class A racquetball player now that I've lost some weight. But I've plateaued following 25 lbs loss, and it took me a decade to do it. I have sciatica every few years, so lifting heavy is troublesome, and racquetball is getting stressful for my age, but total gym can give you most everything you need and it is not so stressful that you have to recover every other day as with heavy weights. If not TG is not enough, just add some bands or an exercise dvd. I believe that if you use the Total Gym every day for 15 minutes or twice a day for 10 minutes each, you could have a very fine exercise routine. Losing weight, for me, if more about the restraint in the kitchen or as I've recently come to believe, the intermittent fasting. Hope this helps. Get going on that Total Gym!
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