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I don't frequent this part of the LC forum but noticed your Total Gym post, so glad to give feedback. It is one of the best infocommercial products that I know (just a few). I too have the Total Gym 1700, and have it set up all the time in my basement so I use it daily. It is what I call "moderate workout." I like it set up to do squats and pullups in "circuit fashion." The cables exercises are okay, but like I said it gives excellent workouts for those needing "moderation." I have it setup next to a weight bench with adjustable dumbells which is next to a recumbent bike, also on the door I have Bodylastics bands set up. For me, doing even 10 minutes circuits are great. I might do 40 TG squats, jump to the recumbent bike and do a mile, then pull bands off the door. TG is great for pullups too because most people cannot do full pullups. I have a door pullup with assistance bands, but prefer TG pullups on high position. If I do 10-15 pullups, I'm at exhaustion. Total Gym squats are great for watching TV and doing varieties of squats. I do 40-50 at once if not in the circuit. I used to go to the gymn and work out of squats, but got a back injury doing too much, so now I go by the motto that "less is more" just do it more often. Total Gym is excellent for the "more often with variety." When Total Gym is setup, there is no real excuse for not doing exercise every day, even multiple times. You can lower TG and get an excellent hamstring workout, by putting feet over the bar and using hamstring muscles to pull your body up like a crunch. Few machines can work out like this. I don't use the cables much for what I do, but do feel the TG is excellent to fit in a "moderate" program. If mine were not working, I'd go buy another tomorrow. As for dvds, I don't use them except that I do have the P90X3 which is great. I use the TG in place of assisted pullups and chins. For those who want to workout without too much risk of injury and want excellent back support, Total Gym is perfect! I sound like a commercial, but I really use mine, several times a day. Of course, it is only worthwhile if you use it.
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