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Originally Posted by Bonnie OFS
How do you keep the salad from turning the chaffle soft?
Maybe Debbie can tell us what brand of mozza she's using. This seems to make a difference. For example, the first time I used cheddar, it was fine. The second time with a different brand, it was a disaster! Oil and cheese goo all over the place, and a burned eggy crusty excuse of a chaffle. I'll be keeping better notes in the future.

I did a nice chaffle burger, and it sat long enough for me to take a nice photo. I think the trick to making it less soggy was using one of Steve's recipes, which generally include almond flour, coconut flour, xanthan gum and/or whey protein isolate. (Goes to check journal) Darn, I didn't take note of which chaffle variation I made.

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