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Research has shown that people have the best chance of avoiding heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer if they eat a varied diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains.

"It's scary if people leave out these very important food groups and just depend on high-fat, high-protein foods," says Wahida Karmally, nutrition director at Columbia University's clinical research centre.

One small nitpick. Again they are giving the impression that fruits, vegetables and grains are left out. It's only grains really that is eliminated. Being a nutrition director at a clinical research centre, you'd think he would bother to read about the Atkins Approach before making statements about it.

Overall this is really a great article and very significant. It's a good snap shot of what is going on the the moment. No one really wants to believe this new data, because it puts EVERYTHING in question, but they are having no choice.

The paradigm shifts IS happening and it's unavoidable. Atkins will be proven right. Maybe they will find that some aspects of his program aren't optimal, but he will be right enough to shut up the critics. I'm wondering if swallowing this bitter pill will have a more far-reaching impact on the medical community. Will it teach them humility ? How hard it must be to swallow that you have been wrong for 30 years.

What I'm expecting next, after more studies come out, and low-carb finally becomes an unescapable fact is a whole slew of "where did we go wrong" articles. Especially after it becomes clear that not only is low-carb the way to go, but high-carb is downright dangerous. I'm hoping that this will cause some changes in medical research.

I know that in my case, it made me loose a lot of confidence in the "experts". How many people will have the same reaction I wonder...
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