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I'm sick of hearing this crap about is based on the assumption that our bodies are 100% efficient with all sources of Calories...and any scientist worth his salt knows that's not true. Our bodies don't simply burn everything we eat and use every Calorie for energy. Some macronutrients (fat and protein) can be used for cell repair, muscle building, etc...In fact, getting inadaquete fat and protein can actually harm the body. Some fats are essential [we have to eat them] because they are needed for specific tasks. Up to a certain number of these fats will be used for those tasks, and not as energy. Further, our bodies are not 100% efficient. Breaking 1g of fat down into Ketones which we can use for energy requires the expenditure of 4 Calories. In addition, since the breakdown products of fat cannot be converted back into fat [for storage] any excess is normally excreted...Each gram of Ketone in your Urine [or Sweat/Breath] represents 13 Calories which are no longer available for energy (9 in the Ketone + 4 expended to make the Ketone.) Calories in - Calories out is still correct...They simply fail to understand that Calories out can be affected by dietary composition.
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