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Originally Posted by cotonpal
Since there are no hard and fast criteria as to what constitutes a disease and what doesn't classifying something as a disease is often tied to political and financial considerations rather than to questions related to cause. Whether or not to classify obesity as a disease is more politics than science.

My thoughts as well.

Originally Posted by Bonnie OFS
I would call obesity a symptom, not a disease in itself.

Yes, this is exactly how I describe it. I wouldn't compare obesity with cancer due to obesity being a symptom and an indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle. While cancer can be a metabolic disease, it is very complex where it can also be a disease of exposure to certain carcinogenic chemicals, sun, etc. with the presence of varying genetic sensitivities.

No fat shaming here. Obesity is also not simply a condition of too many calories; rather, it's more of an indicator of the types of calories one is eating and how one responds to those types.
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