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The good news is that we are able to regain control over these conditions once the root cause is understood.

Well doesnt that apply to a "disease" .

Im not fat because I couldnt control my eating, Im fat because the sugars and carbs drove me to eat more. When I abstain from carbs/sugars the cravings STOP. WHile Im not allergic to carbs, they DO have far more addictive impact than cocaine per a study. Helped me feel it wasnt MY fault that I ate too much. Im a carbaholic. It was that my body's systems were malfuctioning. THAT is "disease".

I refuse to be shamed because my body is malfunctioning.

Obesity needs to be moved from an emotional, lack of self control condition to a biological malfunction. Otherwise we will NEVER get to a cure!!!

Is cancer a disease????? Lots of new research is pointing out that it is a metabolic disease, and food choices influence the growth or decline of some types of cancer. Yet how much money is poured into cancer research with some progress for some types but overall very little progress via chemo and radiation.

OBesity is a metabolic disease; cancer appears to be a metabolic disease.
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