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Originally Posted by Sniggle
I got fat because I, with no assistance from anyone or any outside forces, shoved way too much food in my mouth, and often 'carb' foods like chips, french fries, ice cream and beer.

Except for the beer, that's my story. I started overeating when I quit smoking - I'm still not sure which is worse!

I would call obesity a symptom, not a disease in itself. After years in OA I finally figured out that it's not particular foods I'm addicted to, but certain behaviors. One of those behaviors is denial, which is why even on low carb I couldn't lose weight or control my diabetes - I overate protein. Now that I'm finally limiting my protein as well as the carbs, I'm doing a lot better. But it is hard - I'm hungry. Not starving tho, so it's uncomfortable rather than painful. I'm hoping that at some point I'll get used to it & won't be hungry so much of the time. (And yes - I'm getting plenty of wonderful fats! )
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