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I tried taking up smoking. Didn't take--probably because asthma etc. made it too immediately unpleasant to become habit forming. Probably would have wound up addicted otherwise. I was old enough to know better--but young enough to lack the wisdom to avoid getting into trouble. Just got lucky.

I sort of think we have a lot of unnecessary baggage when it comes to "responsibility." "Who's responsible?" is often a question of accusation, synonymous with "who's to blame?" I'm certain that there are people on this board who ate/behaved more responsibly when they were younger than I did when it comes to food, but who had worse consequences. We don't live in a fair world, we all respond to the environment differently. Self control matters, some of us are given a harder task than others. And some of us take decades to figure out how to best control ourselves. If somebody's dog is misbehaving, do we put it down to a lack of discipline--or to poor discipline? Because part of discipline is figuring out what works. It's not insisting that the dog not jump up on the table and eat your dinner--it's figuring out how to teach the dog not to do that. Discipline isn't a moral virtue, it's a skill.

Is it a disease? I think we should have all the compassion that we'd afford somebody who did have a disease, if they're suffering.
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