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Genetics are not the driver we think it is. Environment plays a FAR bigger role. In cattle and horse breeding, the genes are credited with AT MOST a factor of .35 and that is HIGH. This means that .65 is attributed to ENVIRONMENT.

We turn on and off our genes by what we eat!!!

Again, this article is a failure to point the finger at the poor quality foods that abound and have become the staples of the diet.

WHen I read DANDR the first time. It was a revelation on many levels. For the first time I could stop blaming myself ( and failure just drove me to eat more, you all get it) and found peace with my " lack of control". It wasn't my lack of effort, it was I was told the wrong way to eat.

DANDR is a corrective diet for the human body that has been corrupted by the poor Western diet. Forntuately LC is also becoming the diet for a normal healthy life BEFORE metabolic disease ramp up.

Providers are still behind the curve and always will be.
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