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Originally Posted by Verbena
A resource I like is Sandor Katz’s “Wild Fermentation”, not because it says anything particularly new about fermenting, but because it shows that fermentation is a natural occurrence, and nothing to be scared of. That one can encourage the process without having to follow a lot of rules (unlike canning), and be fairly sure of a good result.
Awesome! I got excited about fermenting veggies at home after reading Sally Fallon's book .. Nourishing Traditions .. 2 decades ago. She gave enthusiastic references for Sandor Katz, so he was my next library "go to" .

After some years, I went through a long period of not fermenting anything at all, except dairy .. yogurt and kefir. Sigh. I miss dairy products .. Currently I'm not tolerating dairy products; neither cow nor goat milk, unfortunately. Not even butter or ghee. Sigh

Back to small batch veggie ferments .. ... Besides the veggie recipes in the booklet I linked in my post above, I'm also interested in fermenting small batches of low-glycemic fruits, such as plums. Without added sugar, of course . Anyone else??

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