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Hey Renee, thanks for the visit! The brakes really got put on for physical outdoor activity starting Nov1 - and then I had some car trouble. This few week transition period is brutal for me to do so I just kind of sit around and wait for something to pop up and it has. Ice has developed on a few small lakes and we're going to try to kiteskate it today in about an hour! Also, this weekend a few of the ski places open up and the one I have a season pass at is one.

The year long adventure series is over. I will do one more post this evening to tomorrow with a few pictures and wrap up. This will end my time on this site on a daily basis and plan on posting quarterly (at least that's the plan for now) and update my stats - continue to post my daily stats at the usual place...

it's been fun!

So only a few pictures this time, most not related to exercise...

Last session of the year, shot from deck of kiteboard staring out at cold water. Was super fun!

Link to video:

"Steve" the dog. I was messing around with him when getting my car fixed last week. he loved that squirl and playing with it. tuff little dog but a stiff breeze could blow him over ha!

Went to this place called "Dave's Guitars" in WI - heaven. Only spent 300 buck haha!

Stuff I eat...

That's about it, not activites to mention since Nov1 (ouch!)
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